Super Flexible Selfie Stick

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Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® ā€“ make outstanding shots with your phone or GoPro Today!


Be ready for a Revolution of photo and video. With Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ®Ā every place is best suited to capture your life. Whether you are a traveler, athlete or blogger ā€“ this selfie stick is a game changer!

What is the Supreme Selfie Stick?

SupremeĀ Flexible Selfie Stick is aĀ selfie stick, monopod, mount & stand all rolled into one pocket-ableĀ device.Ā Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick is truly a traveler's dream. It is extremely flexible and bendable which makes it easy for you to take the perfect photo anywhere.

The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick is made from our patented non-slip polyethylene material which ensures the selfie stick maintains a perfect grip on all surfaces and all objects.

It can be easily bent, formed and wrapped in any instances. The clamp where you place your smartphone or GoPro is extremely secure and will not wobble. This guarantees that your photos and videos will look crystal clear and smooth. More importantly, you do not have to worry about your devices slipping. The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick is also constructedĀ with ergonomics in mind. The selfie stick comfortably wraps around your hand ensuring stability and comfort.

Imagine this. You found a great location for the perfect group photo during your vacation but you could not find someone to take the photo for you or you don't want someone to miss out. This is where the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick comes in handy. Simply whip out the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick andĀ wrap it onto a signpost, railings or any other objects imaginable and take the perfect photo with your family or friends.

With the included BluetoothĀ remote, you now can have the freedom to take photos at longer distances with a single click. Say goodbye to setting up cumbersome tripods on uneven ground or floor which results in ugly or blurry photos.


What separates the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick from other selfie sticks is that it is not only flexible in nature but it is also flexible and versatile in its application and use. Whether you are an avid traveler, sports enthusiast or housewife you will love the Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick. The selfie stick can also be used in the office, home, gym, cars, and bikes. The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick is truly an all in one solution and definitelyĀ the most flexible selfie stick in the world!


Bluetooth Remote Control!

Solo travelers rejoice! Now you will be able to take photos or videos with your phone even from a greater distance even when you are traveling alone. Fantastic for takingĀ group shots with your family and friends as well.Ā Ā 

Compatible with iPhones & Android smartphones

Pairing your smartphone with the Bluetooth remote is really simple

Step 1:Ā Turn the switch on the side of the remote control -Ā offĀ toĀ on.Ā 

Step 2:Ā Ā Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings.Ā 

Step 3:Ā Ā Connect to the device "Ā AB Shutter3Ā ".Ā This is the name of the Bluetooth remote control.

Step 4:Ā Ā Now go into the camera mode of your mobile phone.Ā Here you select now the desired format - photo or video.Ā 

Step 5:Ā Ā And now you're ready to go! Click on the button corresponding to your mobile phone type to trigger the photo or start the video.Ā If you're making a video, end the recording with a second click on the same button.Ā 


Works with Smartphones & GoPro cameras!

TheĀ Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® is characterized by its lightness and flexibility. It can be used wonderfully asĀ travel monopod and can be fixed to nearly any surface, material and object.

  • Comes with attachments forĀ smartphonesĀ andĀ GoPro
  • Weight: 120 gĀ 
  • Length: 42 cm
  • 360 degree flexible and bendable
  • Bluetooth remote includedĀ 

Universal use

During the development of the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® it was important to us to provide an all-in-one solution. A gadget for all your devices. Whether Smartphone, GoPro or mini digital camera. All important attachments are included in the scope of delivery of the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® and can easily be unscrewed from the 1/4Źŗ threadĀ 1/4Źŗ threadĀ and changed.

360 Flexible & BendableĀ 

The non-slip hard rubber provides a perfect grip on all surfaces and objects. The flexible gooseneck can be easily bent, shaped & wrapped in seconds to any objects you desire.Ā The monopod head, on the other hand, is absolutely robust and provides a stable hold. The mobile phone or camera will always remain in their position and will not shake.

100% Steady

The Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® holds on to all substrates, surfaces, and materials despite its maximum flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it adapts optimally to all objects and "clings" to them. Smooth photos & videos are guaranteed.

Take awesome shots even during intense situations! Your phone is safe and secure with our patented rubber net case.Ā 

Adjust your monopod to every situation.


A lightweight and flexible monopod for on the go? For fantastic shots in the best quality. The Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® is the Selfie Stick that fits in every pocket and backpack and is ready for use in seconds. No matter when no matter where - the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® provides a stable hold and smooth shots! Even on objects where a Gorilla pod or tripod fails.


From now on you can easily film yourself to check your technique or give others an insight into your workout. With our unique gooseneck technology, it's easier than ever. So, the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® finds its place everywhere, whether at the goal post, barbell bar or net pillar.Ā 

At Home

One often wants to film or photograph oneself in one's own four walls. Maybe you just want to position your mobile phone to watch videos or Skype with friends. With the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ®, you are no longer restricted to a specific location. Robust hold wherever and whenever you want - even at home.Ā 

Car & Bikes


The smartphone is also increasingly being used in the car. The Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® is ideal as a flexible mobile phone holder. No matter whether you want to have the navigation system insight or the children in the back seats want to watch a video. A monopod for the mobile phone, whose fields of application are boundless!

Why Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ®?

Easy to transport
  • Whether backpack, handbag or jute bag. The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick fits everywhere Light luggage - great for traveling!
Can be attached to all objects
  • The fields of application of the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® are limitless. Enjoy the freedom and make your photos & videos when and where you want.
Quickly ready for use
  • Within seconds the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® is installed and positioned. No annoying assembly and disassembly.
For mobile phones & GoPro
  • One for all. All your electronic devices can be set up in just a few simple steps.
  • Thanks to the stainless materials, the Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® can also be used wonderfully for underwater photography.

PremiumĀ Quality

  • Supreme Flexible Selfie StickĀ® is made from premium materials which are solid and durable.


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