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With streaming movies, television, and original programming, Netflix has something for everyone. Netflix members can watch their favorite entertainment right at home and on any device they want, with no commercials. Ever.

With this Netflix account you can start watching great entertainment immediately on any device.

This Netflix account is valid for up to the duration you choose.

Unlimited movies, TV shows and mobile games

Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet

HD available & Ultra HD available

Note: The Netflix Website Monthly cost Pricing is: $19.99

But With us you get: 
- 2 Months of Plan3 for just $27.99
3 Months of Plan3 for just $35.94
- 6 Months of Plan3 for just $55.96
1 Year of Plan3 for just $75.93

You are not allowed to change the language or pin or profile information.
✅ 4K Ultra HD Resolution
✅ 1 Screen / 1 Device
✅ Works on Mobile Phones, PC, Tablets, Laptops
- Please don't change anything on the Password, Payment section
- You can use the allotted profile only
- Violating the rules may void the warranty
- You can't change profile name
- In case any trouble , we will solve it in 10 hours , We REPLACE , NOT Refund